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The Sportief Bra boasts a functional and ergonomic design to combine sporting excellence & quality.
It has been specifically researched to meet the demands of the high impact nature of equestrian disciplines.

Size down for ultimate support and compression

Designed to match as a set with DE briefs.

  • Zip front bras provide superior support and minimize breast movement, making them an excellent option for riders. They're also easy to put on and take off, thanks to their convenient design, which ensures riders don't sacrifice support.
  • By wearing a zip front bra, riders can focus on their performance and achieve their best without worrying about discomfort or distraction. These high-quality garments are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of equestrian athletes.
  • Padded straps to alleviate shoulder and neck pain.
  • A low, wide torso band to give thoracic core support.
  • Compression & encapsulation to deliver superior support.
  • Alleviates discomfort & reduces chest ligament damage
  • Deeper set for core stability and thoracic support
  • Prevents neck & shoulder pain, supporting the trapezius & shoulder sling structures
  • High-tech, breathable, temperature regulating fabric with a luxurious feel
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    UK: Standard 2-3 days

    Europe: Standard 5-7 days

    Rest of the World: Standard 7-10 days

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    Size Guide

    Size down for increased compression effect.

    UK (normal fit) UK (compressed fit) Europe France USA AUS
    32-34 B
    32-34 C 70-75 B 85-90 B 32-34 B 10-12 B
    2 36-38 B 36-38 C 80-85 B 95-100 B 36-38 B 14-16 B
    3 32-34 C 32-34 D 70-75 C 85-90 C 32-34 C 10-12 C
    36-38 C
    36-38 D 80-85 C 95-100 C 36-38 C 14-16 C
    5 32-34 D 32-34 E 70-75 D 85-90 D 32-34 D 10-12 D
    6 36-38 D 36-38 E 80-85 D 95-100 D 36-38 D 14-16 D
    7 36-38 E 36-38 F 80-85 E 95-100 E 36-38 DDD 14-16 E
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