Derrière are the equestrian underwear experts. Functional underwear developed for the ultimate comfort whilst riding for all disciplines. Providing support and style.

For almost a decade now, Derrière, a company dedicated to creating equestrian undergarments, has been meticulously researching and developing specialized products to provide horse riders with maximum comfort. The aim of their innovative designs is to help riders perform better, in turn, improving the overall performance of both horse and rider.

With a keen focus on comfort, Derrière's team of experts has invested significant time and resources into perfecting their products. The result is a range of specialized undergarments that are tailored to meet the unique needs of equestrian athletes. From shorts to leggings and sports bras, Derrière, has designed each product to ensure that riders can concentrate solely on their performance without any discomfort or distraction.

Derrière's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the equestrian world. Their products have been used and endorsed by some of the best riders in the world across multiple disciplines. By providing the perfect balance of comfort and performance, Derrière's equestrian undergarments have helped athletes achieve new levels of success and recognition.

In conclusion, Derrière's commitment to research and development has produced a range of equestrian undergarments that not only prioritize comfort but also enhance performance. This has made their products a popular choice among the best riders in the world, and as such, Derrière continues to lead the way in providing athletes with the best possible riding experience.


Having ridden dressage since a child and competing for Great Britain, Laura was an ambassador and face of Derrière since 2015. From riding in the products she couldn't be without them! She loved the products so much she purchased the brand in 2022 and has been working with the Derrière team to create the next generation for the brand.

Laura Thyer



Claire Galer is the Founder, Derrière. Her knowledge, coupled with her strong drive, led to the launch the innovative and essential product range for riders. Claire has 20 years of experience working with both horses and riders which drove her to create derrière!

Following the sale of the brand to Laura, Claire continues to support and acts as a Non-executive Director of Derrière .