DE Management Team would  like to say a HUGE Thank You to Team Derriere Equestrian!

2018 has been another remarkable year for the team at Derriere Equestrian, as another year comes to a close and we are firmly within our 5th year of trading, we would like to say a big thank you to our wider team, all our colleagues that make this fabulous ship sail! 

A special mention to our fabulous team, all of whom work hard on a daily basis to ensure Derriere Equestrian products are designed, manufactured, brought to market, marketed and delivered to our customers worldwide.

Ian Piper, Richard Pember and Chris Phins cover our design graphics, website, IT, Advert formation, marketing digital assets for retailers and much more. Ian, Richard and Chris are essential cogs in our business and we would like to say a very special thank you for all their hard work through 2018. Ian, Richard and Chris have been working with us since the design board came to table in 2013.

At our design and manufacturing sites in both Italy and Tunisia, we have a devoted team of staff: Julie Micault, Michala Jorgensen, Ludovic Mouret, Giovanna Dal Vera and the very lovely Layla - put many hours of work into ensuring we deliver the very best of products to you for all your equestrian needs. A BIG thank you to our Tunisian and Italian Teams who we have been working closely with since foundations in 2013.

Kathy Carter works with our sponsored riders and marketing team to formulate fabulous Blogs for your readership throughout the year. Kathy's years of journalism and outstanding writing skills, set Kathy apart from all else and ensure she is the perfect creative writer for Derriere Equestrian enthusiasts. Kathy has been working with us since 2014 and we would like to thank her for her dedication and time.

An extra BIG thank you goes out to Annie Brough our Accounts Manager. Annie started with Derriere in 2014 and has been on board since launch. Annie works closely with all of our trade buyers and keeps a close handle on all things accounting. Once again, Thank You Annie for your years of devotion to our brand and to our customers.

We have many wonderful models and wonderful sponsored riders sporting our brand and we would like to thank each and every one. A very special mention goes out to two people this year - Carl Hester MBE for his continued support and devotion to being our Brand Ambassador since launch in 2014 and onwards into the future. A very special mention to Laura-Eve Thyer our Brand Model since 2014. Laura is committed, devoted to and absolutely LOVES our Brand and we absolutely LOVE Laura.

Our Agents worldwide, work hard to support our team, with a special thank you to all for your hard work and dedication this year.

We have news to bring to you in due course of our work expanding our marketing and sales team. With close allegiance with industry experts, we will be pleased to announce some exciting news through the coming months, with further team members to add to the list.

Last but by no means least, the biggest of thank yous goes out to our logistic partners: DHL, Fedex, UK Mail and our very excellent Account Manager Barry at our Royal Mail deposit office branch in Broadway. Barry greets our team with a smile and a helpful hand daily, with sackfuls of purple parcels and we would be truly lost without our wonderful Barry.

Wishing each and every one of our Derriere family the very best of New Year celebrations and a wonderful 2019 ahead for all.


Best wishes

Derriere Equestrian Ltd

August 24, 2023 — Laura Thyer