Who is Derriere Equestrian clothing suitable for?

Derriere Equestrian® clothing is designed to meet the requirements of all riders. Our products have been tested and approved by both professional and amateur riders from the following disciplines:

Not all Derriere wearers are riders! We have many buyers from many sporting disciplines; cyclists, runners, rowers, triathletes, spinners, gym goers, personal trainers, pilates enthusiasts, skiers, snow boarders, skaters and many more! The non-padded garments, are also a definite choice selection for everyday underwear wear.

Product Specifications

What are the benefits of riding with your Derrieres? 


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How many design styles does the Derriere Equestrian Underwear product range come in?

The underwear product range comes in seven design styles, three incorporating the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System and four come in the simple designer style with reduced seams, extreme comfort with no padding.

Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear G Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Performance Panty Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Padded Panty Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Seamless Shorty Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Padded Shorty Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Seamless Shorty Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Padded Shorty

The products come in white, purple, nude and black. They are characterised by the designer jacquard that finishes the Derriere Equestrian undergarments with style and quality.

All styles are well chosen by riders, with our leading design sales seen across the board in our padded products for those seeking ultimate underwear bliss!

There are some riders who still may question the reason for padded pants! These riders are becoming few and far between and padded underwear has become the norm. Don’t hold back, embrace the concept, and embrace the equestrian underwear revolution! Derriere Equestrian Underwear has had a profound effect on the equestrian industry and riders comfort everywhere! With the Derriere brand leading the field and ensuring contented, stylish riders everywhere.

Finally riders have been presented with an underwear range that has come to market, that: is high quality, addresses the concerns of rider discomfort, chafing and abrasions in the saddle from a technical and scientific approach. The products are designer, beautiful & fun!

They are a pleasure to wear, conform to the skin and ensure no fabric movement occurs under the breeches. From the bacteriostatic properties to the elasticity that provides an enviable 4 way stretch to move with the body, riders now WANT to talk about their underwear! We would agree, the idea of talking “Padded Pants” is a bit ‘un-British’! A goal of ours at Team Derriere Equestrian was to remove the taboo around such discussions! With the riders’ feedback coming to us daily, this has not been a hard task –

Derriere Equestrian Models Derriere Equestrian Models wearing Breeches and other products Derriere Equestrian Team

The world of riders certainly find it more than OK to talk about their Derriere’s now!

Underwear for riders – Maximum Comfort – Minimum Movement – Ultimate Style

Designed For Riders ~ By Riders