Derriere Equestrian, The World's Leading Equestrian Underwear Experts Announce The Launch Of The New De Sportief Sports Bra


Derriere Equestrian announce the highly anticipated new product launch of its sports bra. The launch expands on the signature range of its specialist Equestrian base wear. In January 2017, the new De Sportief bra went into production with a creative, high end brand ethos, mirroring the precise & exceptional fit of the core range. The official launch hit the catwalk in a blaze of publicity at the BETA International trade fair at the NEC and at SPOGA Horse Cologne in February.

Unique design aspects of the bra present it as a world first due to bespoke elements. Specifically crafted to meet the needs of the high impact nature of equestrian sports, the elements include a low, wide torso band which sits deeper than the average sports bra to give thoracic core support, while the angled padded straps are designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain. The garment has the finish of luxury lingerie, something lacking in the sector today.


The launch offers a buying choice for women involved in the wider market of high impact sporting activity including running, aerobics, hiit, circuits and gym work. Claire Galer is the creative force that revolutionised the equestrian underwear landscape and took it far outside the long accepted norm. The company paved the way for luxury with comfort at its core, coining the phrase 'function at its most lavish.’

Claire comments. “We are delighted to have brought to the equestrian and sports market a bra that is set to revolutionise sportswear, the feedback we have received at launch through BETA and SPOGA Horse has been overwhelming. We have spent two years designing, prototyping and performance testing the style. The result is an innovative product positioned at the forefront in breast control for sports exertion. The DE Sportief is the style for the future, a fusion of compression and encapsulation creating the perfect hybrid design in sports bra technology. Derriere Equestrian is known globally for quality, style and performance, and demand for the DE Sportief has already grown at a phenomenal rate, we are excited to see completion of first production with our team and have already moved forward into second production.

Like all Derriere Equestrian undergarments, the racer-back-style Derriere Sportief Bra with padded straps features completely seamless areas, to minimise rubbing - the cup areas are therefore super-comfortable and soft to the touch. It offers full zipped entry for easy access - so no more getting ‘stuck’ when you try to remove your sports bra after a hot training session! As you’d expect from Derriere, a fashion-focussed product in a stunning colourway that you will be proud to show off at your exercise class or gym - the Sportief is no shrinking violet! Remember too that if you do choose to ride in a ‘normal’ bra that the standard strap formation can be extremely inconvenient and annoying, if the straps fall down beneath a show shirt, stock and jacket! So the racer-style is practical too

De Sportief Equestrian Sports Bra


Photoshoot - Derriere Sports Bra

The De Sportief bra will be available to stockists and consumers April 2017.

Brand Information

The De Sportief bra will be available to stockists and consumers April 2017.

Launched in September 2014 Derriere Equestrian has grown into an International creative powerhouse flying the flag for British design in an incredible 36 countries.

The brand can now be found in over 230 stockists internationally. The Derriere Equestrian label is committed to creating cool, functional equestrian base wear of exceptional quality for men and woman globally.