Team Derriere


Claire and a horse Claire Galer

Tim Galer - Director, Equine Veterinary Surgeon

Tim and a horse

Kathy Carter - Creative Content Writer

Annie Brough - Accounts Manager

Ian Piper – Tech Design Team

Richard Pember – Creative Graphic design

Stuart Driscoll - Creative Design & Choreography 

Julie Micault - Production Design Leader

Julie and production Julie and Claire

Ludovic Mouret – Production Director

Ludovic Mouret

DE Tunisian Team, enjoying a fabulous Lunch together on production

Tim and a horse

Marino De Marchi – Technical DEPSS Design Director

Stefano Coccia – Technical DEPSS Design Director

Giovanna Dal Vera – Design Tech Team DEPSS

DE Italian Team, enjoying an Italian Lunch

DE Italitan Team

Dr Antonio Paoli – EIT’s Scientific Consultant

DE Italitan Team

Alex Wager – Trade Events

Alex Wager

Derriere Equestrian Agents

Belgium & Luxemburg - Marilyn Meulder

USA - Kitty Garrity

Ireland - Collette Ward

The Netherlands – Bianca Oomens

Biance Oomens

Sweden – Peter Langebro

Peter Langebro

Finland – Matilda Hyle

Matilda Hyle

Demark – Michael Brock

2016/17 Team Models

Gabriella Rose Prior

Gabriella Rose Prior

Mitch Fernandes

Mitch Fernandes

Dee Holdsworth

Dee Holdsworth

Ben Goss

Ben Goss

Olivia Towers

Olivia Towers

Roberto Scalisi

Lindsay Graham

DE Team Ireland 2016/17

DE Team Models

Laura-Eve Thyer

Laura-Eve Thyer

Jamie Roche

Jude Broom